Well, everyone keeps telling me to update this, that they read my initial message and found it touching, or inspiring, I of course, am the same here, just chugging along and have left the initial message up as there is no way i can recreate the sentiment opening a restaurant inspires in someone. As sad as it was to watch Henry go off and travel Sherrie- his former sous chef- has taken over as chef and is doing a great job. I am also doing this less “by myself” as i was a year ago. Paula and Doug have been here since pretty much the beginning, and the staff here is basically a really close knit family that includes the our many regulars as they come and go. We have gone through some great moments- a great write up in the Globe and Mail, an amazing pairing dinner with Hoyne Brewery, the best Christmas the West End has ever seen……
we look forward to continuing to grow, improve and keep you up late- Buckstops loves you, still, and thanks you for your continued friendship. see ya soon…..

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