I’ve been trying for two weeks to think of what I’m supposed to write on this web-site about who we are, and what we do. At the end of the day, Buckstop is my life’s work. I’m just a Vancouver to Toronto and back waitress who worked really hard and really long to save her tips and open her own restaurant. That’s a part of it.

That said Buckstop is so much more than that six months in. The restaurant is a collaboration of a bunch of like-industry minds who are all basically just food nerds, who like to do things our way. This includes the technical stuff, like super slow cooked meats, housemade everything-we-can (ginger ale, grenadine, ketchup… you get it), as local as possible, and ever changing. It also includes the little things. Half of the decorations here come from a loyal army of awesome regulars who bestow random gifts to us. The place was built by many pairs of hands, most of which who still work here. The beer list and current menu are a reflection of requests and improvements we’ve been making every day, bit by bit.
Barbecue to us equals comfort, warm and cozy. We are not fine dining, high end casual or anything remotely close. We are barbecue, and the staff is family. Obviously my unsung hero behind all of this is our chef, Henry Besser Rosenberg, who appeared on our doorway after seeing an article about us opening up in Scout magazine. An Ottawa native, Henry’s passion for barbecue has fuelled this place, our smoker, the staff and our customers love for smoke and everything that goes with it.

At the end of the day we are grateful for the warm reception that the West End has given us. We had a great summer, and the winter is shaping up well. We look forward to many late nights filled with whiskey and meat, awesome friends and more love. Buckstop loves you…. don’t forget. xoxoxo
-fiona grieve. owner, chief wrangler, spirits slinger and stuff…..

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