Author: Buckstop

  • Hey y’all- so a couple years in, a few amazing articles and a Vancouver Magazine Award for (bronze or third) best resto in the West End i guess i can just quit posting all this best of everything ever… Buckstop is stayin i guess- i’m just pluggin through, making you all cocktails…… many many many […]

  • Update

    Well, everyone keeps telling me to update this, that they read my initial message and found it touching, or inspiring, I of course, am the same here, just chugging along and have left the initial message up as there is no way i can recreate the sentiment opening a restaurant inspires in someone. As sad […]

  • The Globe and Mail: Cosy Southern saloon impresses with electric Cookshack smoker

  • Introduction

    Hi!! I’ve been trying for two weeks to think of what I’m supposed to write on this web-site about who we are, and what we do. At the end of the day, Buckstop is my life’s work. I’m just a Vancouver to Toronto and back waitress who worked really hard and really long to save […]